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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Confusion of American Men When It Comes To Women: A Brief Overview

I will briefly look at how a woman is supposed to behave as determined by society, and how men keep treating her only keeps her questioning 'where have all the Cowboys gone'?

Despite the many things I may have said (or you may have had questions about or a feeling of confusion) or thought about American women in the past decade, they really are no different when you cut through all of the surface visage when it comes to the attraction process. If you are going to be in a long-term relationship with one of these women know, you will have to put up with a tremendous amount of drama and struggle between the two powers of both of your realities.

So it is up to you to determine what kind of lifestyle you want to live. If you are really looking to have a pleasant marriage where a wife will support you and take care of all of the household things, I'm sorry but it is really going to be hard to find that in a strong independent (American) woman. Let the debate commence!

Just realize what you are getting into because half of the male population can tell you what divorces like. Is it necessarily the woman's fault for not wanting to go back to a more traditional foundation when she has her newfound independence and freedom in today's society?

Well, it was just the way she was brought up. Just understand that you are going to get yourself into a certain position if you choose to have a long-term relationship with a beautiful and independent woman. That relationship will essentially be a power struggle whether you want to admit it or not.

On the other hand if you are looking to have physical relationships with many beautiful women (and part of that desire is consciously stemming from the way our society perpetuates a woman's physical and sexual beauty), you are going to have to approach 'dating' from a whole different angle.

What our society is doing is basically giving man a permanent 'blue balls syndrome' by almost exploiting a woman's sexuality. This is the main sense in which she has been given power in the early part of our century and now her power embodies all areas of her life with the other freedoms she enjoys being basically equal to a man.

But all of this sexual exploitation in our popular society and media is only connecting more and more with the unresolved inner desires of the male ID.

This is creating more and more desperation and confusion among men in our society. We have essentially forgot how to act around women and be the naturals that we were born to be. What I call the 'forced reality' is this invisible paradigm which confuses and clouds a man's perspective on how to relate to women.

Who says that you have to put up with a woman's drama? It is your choice whether you want to put up with her drama and her demands. If you do not care and are on your life purpose and path then you can take or her leave her because you know she will bring you more drama and trouble than you want or need in your life. Put me on Oprah, I don't care, I'll stand up for our men.

Ironically this is one of the major things that attracts this type of woman to you. If you find yourself being drawn into a 50-50 type relationship with a woman and find yourself giving in to some of her demands (as little as they may seem), it is almost too late.

And I know that all of us have been through this many times before with the American woman. And once again I am making a distinction by saying 'American' woman. Now that applies to independent women in all major cities in the world which has its roots in American media and propagation of the feminine power and opportunity. Keep an eye out for other controversial yet truth-revealing articles from both a male perspective and the universal perspective.


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