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Monday, October 17, 2005

Web Surfers - StormPay.com has launched a new feature that pays you for link clicking. The great thing about this is that it doesn't cost anything to join and you can start getting paid to your StormPay account on the same day you click the links. No waiting around to see if you're really going to get paid or not. Easy same day pay. No gimmicks!

Advertisers - If you've got something to advertise or you want to promote a program, you'll be able to do it at StormPay.com for as little as $1.10. Stop spending a ton of money trying to reach a useless audience. StormPay.com has exactly the audience you're trying to reach. Got a dollar? Get traffic! You can set your own advertising budget to reach all the prospects you can handle.

If you don't already have a StormPay.com account, please use my link to sign up because StormPay.com also has an awesome affiliate program that pays 6 levels deep!



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