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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

by: Kelly Graves

You may believe that your company is the only one in the free world that’s suffering from poor employee communication and frustrations at every level; We can assure you that you’re definitely not alone.

But knowing that conflict and communication problems exist in practically every organization comes with little comfort.

Are you getting the best out of your employees? If not then take steps to improve your organization by investing in an employee development program.

Your employees are the only resource you have which separates you from your closest competitors...

Because all organizational problems are fundamentally problems involving employees!

No matter what technical, financial or other challenges you face, there will always be humans involved. As a result, all problems must be solved by you and your staff.

Therefore, you will benefit from taking steps toward implementing an employee development program. Establishing or reestablishing trust and improving communication has a profound and positive impact on each employee’s development – as well as on your company’s bottom line.

Important steps in employee development include:

Determining your core group’s strengths and weaknesses.

Tackling the larger issues or conflicts that are tying up your organization’s time and effectiveness.

Encouraging employee feedback on the process involved in the employee development program so that staff “buy in” and support is achieved.

Developing trust and encouraging honest dialogue between people at all levels in the organization so that the company as a whole can react quicker and more effectively to challenges and competitors.

The steps in employee development really begin to sink in and take your organization to the next level when employees realize that they have some semblance of control and that they are being heard. Through employee development, you’re guaranteed a lasting commitment and support of your strategic plan and company vision.

About The Author

Kelly Graves is the founder and CEO of Internal Solutions Consulting. ISC specializes in employee development. With over 85 years of combined experience in employee development, Internal Solutions is able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses within an organization's employees to facilitate a more successful, productive and profitable work environment. For more informaiton about Internal Solutions Consulting please visit http://www.conflictresolutionusa.com.


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