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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Have you been considering a new business of your own? And you just you could have invented that killer tiny iPod players? Well here is a quick thought on the comment of the new digital video slim-line iPod:

Indeed. What I have observed is that people spend on the Maslow Hierarchy of needs;

1.) Preventing Death; I.E. military defense and health care

2.) Respect from fellow man; I.E. things that make them look good

3.) Sex; I.E. things that make them look, feel or attract a sexual partner

4.) Personal Entertainment and prevention of Boredom

5.) Seeking Knowledge; I.E. Exploration

For proper marketing should hit a few of these, the more you hit the better, even better if you hit all six and then simply stand in the way of the money flow to get whatever you need. Charge a fair price if it is an item or service that you wish to get repeat customers and all their referrals, this is the best type of business indeed.

It might be wiser in the developing of your business to hit heavy on number one of the first few items if you can. Hurricane safety kits for the home; I.E. if you do not have a Hurricane preparedness kit in your home for the next Hurricane well, you and all your family could die. Whatever business you decide as the best for you always remember to keep it simple. Interesting question indeed and thanks for asking, but do think on it before you take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

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