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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm sick of bullshit excuses...

The fourth girl (of the four I've had dates with and what not in the past month, well techincally in the past... um... 3 years) well... I was supposed to have gone out with this girl today... (Well last night, Sunday... whatever) and then like... thursday I believe it was she gave me some excuse that someone at work had a staff infection and came into work. blah blah blah, they were told not to be around anyone besides those at the office for 7 days if at all possible. Well, looking on her roomies myspace... I see that coincidentally happens to be the day she started seeing her ex again. Why is it people can't tell me the truth, don't they realize the truth is much kinder, than drumming up some bull-spit story and leading people on? It is immature bullshit that happens almost EVERY SINGLE TIME. When will it end? *shakes his head*


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