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Thursday, August 24, 2006

So life is good *nocks on wood*... it is great being back on days, tons of overtime is being thrown at us if we want to take it, I'm losing considerable amounts of weight... Willy Nilly on the Wabash starts this weekend (If anyone wants to daytrip to a renn faire with me some Saturday in September lemme know, I haven't made it out the past few years, but I'm hoping that incense merchant is still there that sells the 1.5 inch diameter incense sticks)... also I have the 3 x-fest tickets since Josh and Ash have made no attempt to contact me about buying their 2... so um if anyone wants to go to x-fest I've got 3 lower pavillion tickets... I'm going to be fairly flexible on the price I'll let them go for... *nods* anyway yup.


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