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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I was doing some math today at work, see for every shipment I clear the company charges the shipper 25$, MINIMUM. This 25$ goes directly to fedex, none of it goes to the government, it is not costs at all... pure profit... a minimum of 25$ per shipment, usually more if it needs fcc fda tsca etc paperwork. From the time I started in July, untill the 15th of this month I have made the company a MINIMUM of $93,900 PURE PROFIT. I get 10.16 an hour (which is 53% of the national median for our job) if you take my pay out to an hourly pay. I've made a little under 11,000 since I started... the company has made a pure profit of at LEAST 82,900 from me... probably more like 125,000. One of the guys said "yeah I figured it up for all of last year, I made the company over 1,000,000 and all I got was 24,000 of it". To meet the demands you have to key at least 40 shipments a day... so 260,000 a year MINIMUM they are making from the work we do... paying me like 21,900 of it, well it's very easy to clear more than 40 a day. I used to do close to 100 but no one else does near that much so I slacked off to around 50-60 a day, and now I'm deffinately not doing anywhere close to 100 again, ever.


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